guys talk to Brittany, she is my favorite.

Thank you sweetie. 

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If you wanna talk to me you can…

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Omg I’m sitting here laughing. I have no idea why my RP stuff is so damn dark. I’m sorry lol. 

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"I got arrested"

      Jude sighed. “What did ya do this time?” she asked with a smirk. </>

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13 - “I got a phone call earlier with some news…”

Cordelia glanced up from her book as she heard Jude speak. “Oh?” she asked. Something in Jude’s voice made her set the book down on the table next to her, sliding her glasses off and meeting her gaze. “Who called?” she asked. “What was it about?”

Delia was worried that Jude might have been sick, or something had called her away, a dead relative perhaps. Maybe it was about Delia? But who would be calling on her behalf? She sat and watched in silence, waiting for Jude to answer.


      Jude thickly swallowed. “My daughter, she’s in critical condition,” she announced on the verge of tears. Her daughter was something she kept very secret, never talked about her. However now that she was in trouble she needed to tell someone about her. 

      The tears finally started flowing down her cheeks. “She was found, she had over dosed and they don’t think she’ll make it through the night,” she explained. The woman sat down in the chair to keep from collapsing. 

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some people’s selfie game is so strong that makes me feel uncomfortable

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Send AUs you would like to see my muse in. If there is an AU that you would like to see be done with a specific blog, feel free to tell me.

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I think I just replied with the wrong starter, but I don’t care enough to go and ask. 

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“On a scale from 1-10, how freaked out would you be if I possibly was about a week or two late?”

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"What are ya hidin from?" Jude questioned as she looked to the girl.



Misty came out from the toilet cubicle. “Dr Arden, he said he wanted to do a check up because I keep bein’ sick” 

Misty could feel her panic beginning to set in, she really couldn’t handle needles, in fact it was an actual fear. “I haven’t had a shot since I was little” she whispered.


      The nun nodded. If she herself were a patient she too would be afraid to get a shot here. There was no telling what that monster would inject people with. Especially considering the amount of patients that just disappeared without any warning, and under Arden’s care. “Well ya shouldn’t need any for the next few months,” she told her. 

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 “On a scale from 1-10, how freaked out would you be if I possibly was about a week or two late?”

Gemma’s eyes lit up with anger, “i dealt with two cheating husbands and now this shit?” She yelled.


      Jude’s eyes began to water. She had never intended on telling anyone, ever. Now though she was facing the fact that there might actually be living evidence of the night. “I didn’t wanna do it,” she whimpered, thinking back on how she had been trapped in the room with Leigh Emerson. “But I understand if ya wanna kick me out,” she told her. Somehow she thought it was better to be thought of as a cheater than as the victim. 

      In her mind, she deserved it. She deserved what she got from Leigh, and she deserved to have her relationship ruined. “I just thought I’d tell ya in case the doctor called with my results and ya answered,” she explained. 

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Maybe now I can get through A Serbian Film. 

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It’s kinda funny because I don’t even know my responses to the two that sent me the O.o thing. I just looked at the numbers and copied and pasted. 

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